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Remote Automotive diagnostics, programming and coding using a unique interface

Jifeline was set up by specialists with extensive experience in the field of motor-vehicle electronics. Our knowledge of the diagnostic process and our many years of experience using workshop equipment have created a unique combination. Our practical experience means that not only do we know how things are done on a day-to-day basis, but we also have an awareness of the demand that exists for technical support, like no other. Jifeline is especially suitable for use in the coding and programming of items such as replacement keys or when initiating a new towbar.

The ability to be able to see the vehicle in real time, however, means that the support we provide goes much further than the support that is currently available on the market. Working remotely, our team takes control of the vehicle and carries out the required task. This could involve coding, programming or helping to diagnose specific problems. Our team has invested a great amount of time and resources in order to turn remote vehicle diagnosis into reality. The ability to establish and maintain contact with the control units in the vehicle requires special technical expertise and that is the expertise that our team is able to provide. Jifeline is not associated with any particular vehicle, components or equipment manufacturer and is therefore able to act independently.

what types of organisations would benefit from jifeline?

  • Non-branded repair workshops

  • Brand dealerships

  • Body repair shops

  • Installation stations

  • Fast-fitters

  • Roadside assistance services and breakdown patrols

  • Etc.