Volkswagen tow bar coding information

As of juli 2015 Volkswagen Group changed the procedure for tow bar coding. Only with the original tow bar and wiring kit Volkswagen will deliver an activation document. This document will contain three codes that are needed for the coding of the vehicle elctronics when using the factory diagnostic tool ODIS. 

The activation code can be used only for one VIN number and is only valid for tow bar coding. 

Volkswagen models affected

  • Touareg (NF-GP) as of week 27/2015
  • Paasat (B8) limousine and variant as of week 27/2015
  • Touran (NF) 

After market wiring kits

As a result of this changed coding procedure it is not possible to code after market wiring kits at the dealer workshops. 
Jifeline can still perform the tow bar coding of the vehicle electronics for the affected Volkswagen models.