FAQ Jifeline 

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

Network requirements

  1. Does the service work on a mobile network?
    Yes, this is possible as sending data from the car to the Jifeline server and vice versa only requires a small amount of bandwidth. During the testing phase, we found that 3G/4G networks work perfectly well, provided the site has adequate 3G/4G coverage.
  2. Can Jifeline hardware be used anywhere in the world?
    Yes, you can use our services provided there is a reliable internet connection.
  3. What are the requirements regarding the internet connection?
    The stability of the connection is more important than the bandwidth. The quality of the connection is automatically tested during the diagnosis. The mobile application indicates the quality of the connection. 
  4. What are the requirements regarding the WiFi router port settings?
    Please check this document for the correct port settings in the WiFi router. 
  5. Is it possible to intercept the communications via the internet?
    The technology used by Jifeline is similar to that used by banks for internet banking. It is not impossible, but it certainly wouldn't be easy. 
  6. Can a diagnosis or setting a code fail?
    Yes, this can happen if the internet connection is unreliable or if the tablet or smartphone runs out of battery.

Jifeline technology

  1. Can I also use the Jifeline hardware with my smartphone?
    Whereas the mobile application has been optimised for use on a tablet, the Jifeline hardware can be connected to smartphones that run Android version 4.4 or higher.
  2. Where can I download the Jifeline mobile app?
    The Jifeline mobile app is available from the Google Play Store.
  3. Is Jifeline's technology proprietary?
    Yes, the hardware was developed entirely in-house. Jifeline software is developed exclusively for the company by a partner.
  4. The implementation of the OBD socket can differ depending on the car. How have you solved this?
    Jifeline hardware is capable of processing five parallel data flows. The layout of the pins is reconfigured automatically to match the car that has been connected.
  5. What does the orange/black box contain?
    It houses only those components that are required to send car data to the Jifeline server. Jifeline hardware does not contain any automotive data.
  6. Why does Jifeline recommend a Samsung Galaxy Active tablet?
    This compact tablet offers good specs at a competitive price. 
  7. Does the tablet delivered by Jifeline come with a warranty?
    Yes, they come with the standard manufacturer's guarantee.
  8. Why can't I use an iPad?
    The app used to communicate with the mechanic working on the car is currently only available for Android devices. The app will be adapted for use with iOS in due course.


  1. Does Jifeline work for all cars?
    No. Please see our website for an overview of all cars that have been tested and found to be compatible. 
  2. Can I use Jifeline hardware to reset error codes?
    Yes, this is possible.
  3. Can I use Jifeline hardware when driving?
  4. What happens if the tablet or smartphone switches off while running a diagnosis or setting a code?
    The service will fail in this instance. The vehicle will retain the status it had prior to the diagnosis or setting the code. You will not be charged for the service and if you wish, you can initiate a new request.
  5. Are there any risks associated with setting a code remotely?
    No. If the connections drop out or the device switches off, this might cause the diagnosis or setting of a code to fail. There are no adverse effects for the vehicle, nor will any costs be charged.
  6. Are there any specific diagnoses or codes that Jifeline cannot process?
    There are a number of highly critical codes that we will not implement for the time being. The services that can be requested via the app have been tested and can be carried out without any issues.
  7. Is your service suitable for heavy goods vehicles too?
    The Jifeline hardware can be powered using the 24V electrical supply that is commonly found in heavy goods vehicles, but no adaptor has been developed yet.

Administrative handling

  1. How do I pay for the service?
    When you register, you will sign a direct debit agreement. The services purchased will be billed the following day. You will receive an overview of the services purchased and your invoice in an email.
  2. If the service has failed, will I be charged?
    No. If a diagnosis or setting of a code has failed, no charges are applied.
  3. Can I use the Jifeline service at any time?
    No. The service we offer means an automotive specialist assists you in our service centre. The service is available between 8 am and 5 pm on week days.
  4. Can I return the Jifeline hardware if I am not happy with the product?
    Yes. If the device works properly and shows no outward signs of damage when received, the deposit you paid will be refunded to your account.
  5. Is your service available for private individuals too?
    No, we have no plans to extend our offering to include this market. We feel that the process of diagnosing vehicles and setting codes should be carried out by specialists in a workshop.


  1. How do I request a diagnosis or setting of a code?
    Once the Jifeline hardware is connected to the car, you will be able to directly select a vehicle and service. It then just takes a few simple steps to gather the information about the car and authorise the work.
  2. Is there a way to communicate with the technician while the service is being carried out?
    Yes. The mobile application includes a chat option so you can interact with the technician while the diagnosis is being carried out. Of course you can also contact us by telephone.
  3. Do you offer automotive support over the phone?
    Yes. If during the diagnosis or setting of a code you feel that the chat option is not sufficient, you will be able to contact our specialist by telephone.
  4. Do you have any plans to develop a 'non-assisted' service (outside of office hours)?
    Yes. In due course, the cloud server will be able to independently carry out all diagnoses and setting of codes that we are very experienced in. 
  5. Is it possible to launch the Jifeline mobile app even if no Jifeline hardware has been connected?