The Jifeline infrastructure

Not only is Jifeline able to approach a vehicle remotely, our developed technology enables you to do the same! You have the knowledge and equipment, but your customer, who is not always close by, does not. How inconvenient is it for them to move  the car to another company for diagnosing, coding or programming. Or even worse: the car is standing still?

Road services, supporting diagnostics companies, multi-brand dealers, dealer chains or technical helpdesks will be able to approach their customer's cars through the internet, wherever the car is.

Our infrastructure allows you to take over the car remotely. It is as if we bring the car in to your workshop/office. Be it the programming of a key or a full vehicle diagnosis, Jifeline makes it possible to bring all services online which are normally done via your diagnostic equipment.

You make a small investment in the Jifeline infrastructure: a servicedesk with dashboard, where the tickets of your customer come in. Your customers purchase a Jifeline interface (including your own branding) and you can start!

What does it look like?

In contrast to the remote, the Jifeline local is provided with a female OBD connector (the same as the OBD in your car). You can add all kinds of diagnostic equipment to the connector. We advise you to ask permission to the tool supplier for using their tool in the remote infrastructure.

 Jifeline local server 

Jifeline local server 

Besides the local you will need a mini computer (without monitor). This mini computer can be connected to a flat-screen monitor (with the right specs).

When installed you can see which customers are online (are using the Jifeline interface) and through a chat function you can communicate with your customers. When connected you have full control over the car. It looks like you are in it!

Regardless of where your customer’s car is located, you will be able to help them with coding/programming or diagnosing their vehicle all over the world.


Why not contact our Jifeline team today? We will be pleased to explain the benefits of Jifeline to you, without obligation!